Barefoot Bushcraft FAQ

Should I Book Ahead?

Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, please book online using our automated booking system.

If you have a group of more than four people, it is recommended you message us here, on facebook or call ahead for availability 1-866-248-1362

If you wish to come in for a party it is required to book online using our website.

Age Limits

Due to insurance regulations you must be a minimum of 6 years old to participate in activities at our facility.

What happens in bad weather?

Snow, rain and wind are part of the experience on the landscape. At Barefoot Bushcraft we celebrate the opportunity to connect with the elements. We cherish the opportunity to use effective strategies for keeping everyone warm and safe (such as campfire hangouts, tarp villages, natural shelters and cozy cookouts), but in order to keep participants comfortable appropriate gear is a must.

What kind of bows do you rent?

Barefoot Bushcraft rents industry-standard recurve bows approved by the Ontario Archery Association. Our bow draw strengths run from 16 to 30 pounds draw as per Ontario Physical Education Association Guidelines.

Can I Bring My Own Equipment?

You are welcome to bring your own equipment and rent our range. We do not allow crossbows.

Is your Archery range OAA Complaint?

Our archery range is Ontario Archery Association Compliant and has distances of 10 and 15 metres

Weather Cancelations

Barefoot Bushcraft programs run in most weather conditions, but we may cancel due to unsafe driving conditions, extreme cold or other unsafe conditions. In the event of a weather cancellation we will attempt to schedule a make-up day whenever possible.

We are not able to provide refunds for weather cancelled program days. Our instructors design programming, gather materials, and commit themselves for the day, regardless of whether mother nature sends a big storm our way. By supporting the work we do even when nature has other plans, you are valuing the time and labor of our instructors in making our high-quality programming possible.

If you are wondering if a program may be cancelled due to weather, please call beforehand to check on the status of the program. We will email you if the program is cancelled due to inclement weather.

Appropriate Layers

Please wear multiple layers in cold weather.
Wool or synthetic (polartec, capilene) fabric makes for a great base layer protects from moisture, sweat, cold rain, or melting snow.
Multiple outer layers are better than one bulky coat. Layers can be added and removed as body temperatures change.
Wool or synthetic hats and gloves are a must for cold weather.
Please avoid cotton clothing in cold and/or wet weather. Cotton loses its insulative properties when it gets wet.
Waterproof snow pants & winter coat is a must if snow is in the forecast.


We have no dress code or footwear requirement. Anything from bare feet, flip-flops to combat boots is acceptable. Our operational surface is covered in mulch and is comfortable for anything you wish to wear. Most people wear go barefoot, sandals or flip-flops in summer.

Can I go barefoot?

We are very much pro-choice. Many of our clients go barefoot, as long as they are aware there is a greater risk of cuts and injury.

When are your busiest times?

We are busiest on Saturday and Sunday. It’s always a good idea to book online before coming out.

Do you have washrooms at your facility?

We have an eco-toilet on-site. Nearby businesses have Johnny-On-the-Spots

2022 Fees (per person) *Subject To Change Without Notice*:

Archery Lesson: $35.00/h

Axe Throwing Lesson: $45.00/h

Knife Throwing Lesson: $45.00/h

Archery Range Rental: $20.00/day

Knife Range Rental: $50.00/day

Axe Throwing Range Rental: $50.00/day

Parties: $25.00/p with 10 person minimum for 2 hours

I need to make a payment, how can I do so?

– We have a mobile debit machine. Payment accepted by Cash, Cheque, Visa, MasterCard, and Interac® Debit

I believe I have over paid, What do I do?

Please send proof of over-payment to us via facebook messenger and we will look into the situation. Please note any e-transfer refund of under $50.00 carries a $2.00 bank fee charge.

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