Youth Archery

Every Tuesday In June

No matter where you are from in the world, your ancestors used a bow to bring home food, and survive. Whether your ancestors were buckskin wearing Europeans, Norse, Maori, Asian, African, or any other area of the world, Archery is a connection to your primal self, and family lineage. You are alive today because someone in your family, many moons ago brought home food, and defended themselves with a bow.

Picking up a bow is a connection to your past, and your ancestral family history, no matter where you are from.


Barefoot Bushcraft offers a unique Outdoor  Youth archery experience which includes:

  • Recurve Bow & arrow rental
  • Range rental
  • Instructor
  • Use of sheltered area
  • Free Parking

During your one hour archery experience you will learn proper form and technique, as well as safety considerations for using equipment.

EQUIPMENT RENTAL: All equipment provided

DISTANCE: Students will be shooting at 10 metres

COST: $25.00 per 2 hour class

Time: 2hrs

Materials: All equipment and materials are provided

Setting: You will be outdoors for your entire visit

Ages: 13 – 19 years old

Booking: Due to COVID-19 Restrictions all lessons and range time must be scheduled online.

Dress Code:  Dress to be comfortable. In summer most people go barefoot or wear flip-flops, shorts, all are welcome.

*subject to availability*

Every Tuesday in June!


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