Bushcraft Mentorship

Interested in taking your studies to a higher level and get a deeper understanding of outdoor life?

Our bi-weekly bushcraft classes dive deep into individual components of bushcraft and survival.

Each week a new and challenging subject pertaining to bushcraft and survival will be presented and work through.

This includes, but is not limited to:

👉 Knives & Knife work, try sticks, etc.

👉 Archery, axe & Knife throwing

👉 Using Axes

👉 Selecting natural tinder for fire starting

👉 Natural Navigation and compass/map navigation

👉 Making moccasins for cold weather.

👉 Sleeping overnight in shelters you build (all seasons)

👉 Earthing / Grounding / learning to walk barefoot

👉 Packs & bag selection

👉 Try Sticks

👉 Building a Roycroft Pack

& More

Cost: $100.00 per person, per day

Location: Around the Southern Ontario, Canada Area depending on class

Message us for details.

Women making fire
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