Weekly Outdoor Womens Comfort Classes

Blowing Tinder Bundle To Life

Barefoot Bushcraft is proud to offer weekly community based, Outdoor Womens Comfort classes with a focus on outdoor safety.

Designed specifically for women (and those who identify as women) these classes will be held in the evenings in an informal setting.

Your instructor will guide participants through the basics of outdoor comfort and safety. Each week will cover a separate topic, starting with the basics of outdoor comfort.

Imagine you and your friends want to have a girls weekend camping trip. You head up into the woods and things don’t quite go as planned, or you want to make sure you maximize your comfort levels and get the most out of your time in the woods.

Do you know how to put the tents together?

What if something breaks putting the tent together?

If it rains, it’s still possible to be outdoors and not get soaked with a few simple tools

What kind of tools should you bring with you?

How do you plan for a worst case scenario: you run out of wine!

Women making fire

Learning to create emergency fires

Although most classes will be stand-alone and may be attended at random, attending each class would gain the best experience.

Week 1: Preparing to be comfortable outdoors – clothing & food

Week 2: Best equipment to bring with you

Week 3: Setting up equipment (tents, tarps, etc)

Week 4: Creating Fire


Registration: Due to COVID-19, all participants will have to pre-register

Cost: $20.00 per week*

Time: 2 hours +/- per session

Age: 14 years plus to participate. Younger children may attend as spectators

Refunds: No Refunds, May reschedule to different week

One glass of wine will be provided to each participant (must be of legal drinking age)

All materials and equipment provided

*sliding pay scale for those in need. We are always happy to barter, or do peer-on-peer learning for more advanced individuals.

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