Shelter Building Workshop

This hands-on workshop is designed to help students understand the theory and practice of shelter building in various situations. Unlike most animals, humans cannot survive long without some form of shelter.

Topics include:

Primary Shelter: For the most part, few people leave their homes without their primary shelter. This includes various important pieces of kit to protect themselves from their environment. This usually includes shoes, pants/kilt/dress, and shirt. Most modern primary shelters are not designed for significant protection. Students will learn various theories and practice of primary shelters.

Selection of Summer Survival Shelters: Looking for a good spot to create a shelter for various weather conditions including wind, rain, etc.

Tarp Shelters: Students learn various ways of creating tarp shelters for protection

Improvised Shelters: If students become lost, how can they build shelters to literally weather the storm

Insect Resistance: Learn about keeping bugs and ticks out of shelters for a more hospitable experience

LOCATION: Rock Point Provincial Park, Dunnville

PARKING FEE: $15.00 Provincial Park Day-Use Fee

EQUIPMENT : Equipment included.

COST: Varies depending on time and number of students

Time: 3 to 6hr

Materials: All equipment and materials are provided

Setting: You will be outdoors for your entire visit

Ages: Minimum 9 years old

Booking: Please use the chat button on our website. You may also send us a message on Instagram or Facebook.

Dress Code:  Re-Wild yourself! Dress to be comfortable. In summer most people wear flip-flops, shorts, all are welcome.

*subject to availability*

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