Stay In Place Survive Program (SIPS)

Stay In Place Survive Program
Stay In Place Survive Program

As a parent, your child is the centre of your world. You try and take them everywhere and help them grow into the best people they can.

What if, on a camping trip you get injured or become incapacitated? Does your child have the skills and knowledge to Stay In Place and Survive until help comes?

In this workshop, we teach your children how to Stay In Place, and Survive using only a few easy to carry items.

Stay In Place
Children need to stay with you, or stay put if they are alone. Moving can confuse rescuers or incur further injuries

Tell Someone Where You Are Going!
Don’t ever set off on an adventure without telling other adults where you are going. Even if you’re going with adults, ensure adults who are staying behind know where you are going, and an expected return time.

Carry A SIPS Pack
A few simple items such as:
Granola bars
Hot pack hand warmers
Myar “space blanket”
Whistle (such as the Fox40 brand)

These items will ensure rescue and prevent “recovery”

Make A Nest
Just like birds and other animals, collect materials from nature and make nest. Something to keep you off the cold, wet, miserable ground. Being elevated from the ground ensures you can stay warm and dry untl help arives.

Don’t be afraid of searchers!
You may see people dressed like soldiers or police officers, some may have bright coloured vests. They are all there to help you. If they call your name, don’t yell back, but use your whistle! The average person can only scream for three minutes before their voice gets sore. Using a whistle takes up far less energy, and the sound travels a lot further.

Interesting extras:
ƒ There are 300 search and rescue groups in Canada.
There are 9,000 search and rescue volunteers in Canada. These people donate
over 300,000 hours of volunteer time to search and rescue, outdoor safety and
training per year in Canada.

British Columbia has the most search and rescue incidents in the country.

Do you know what ‘the essentials’ are to carry in your backpack in case of
an emergency? To find the answer, visit and click on
‘trip planning’.

Do you know how to file a trip plan? (Trip plan = telling someone where you’re
going for an outdoor adventure). To find the answer, visit
and click on ‘Heading Outdoors?’ on the homepage.

Heading outdoors for a local family walk or bike ride? File a #TripPlan on our
AdventureSmart App! Visit, download the free app and
follow the prompts. On your next outdoor adventure, even for a walk around
the block, file a trip plan on the App and make sure you ‘complete the trip
plan’ when you get back home.

Booking Information:
This important program can be offered to a minimum group of 10 students at $20.00 a student
Age: 6+

Time: 2hrs
Location: We can come to your facility to deliver the program, or you can come to our facility.
Equipment: We provide all equipment required
SIPS BAG: We can provide each student with a ‘Stay In Place and Survive’ bag at an additional cost

To Book: Please message us on the chat icon, facebook, or instagram.

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