Forest School

Barefoot Bushcraft will be hosting Forest School in the Dunnville Area.


What happens on an ‘average’ day at Forest School?

The day’s activities at Forest School are free-flowing and dynamic, as they depend on the ever-changing natural environment in which the program takes place (changing seasons, evidence of animals, emergence of new flowers, insect activity, effects of weather on the land etc.) and on the interpersonal relationships formed between the children and educators in the group.  Educators can also add to the day’s learning by introducing provocations such as simple tools and loose parts used for building and creating. Forest School educators follow the lead of the children, focusing on their interests and questions of the day and allowing for independent play as well as collaboration. We open and close each day in the gathering space where we may incorporate literacy activities such as stories, poems, songs, plays, sharing, artwork and music-making to expand on the children’s learning and discoveries. On an average day we spend most of our time outdoors, rain or shine!

Curriculum and Non-Curriculum Activities

Running around in the forest all day having adventures is a very important part of self-development. However the cliche of “Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic” are still very important to learn. Our age defined curriculum based programs add basics of reading, writing, and math to our outdoor skill set.

Archery – Math, Science, & history!

Science Of Archery

Fire Starting – Math, Science, and history!

Science of Fire

Fort Building – Math, Science, and History!

We take practical life experiences and pair them with academics to ensure that our students benefit from a full audio, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles. Students often learn by doing, and out program works hard to tackle the most boring subjects and make them come alive with practical excercise.

Benefits of Forest School

Barefoot Bushcraft Forest School was created because we believe that children (as well as adults!!) will benefit greatly from access to the natural world on a regular basis. By observing a decade of children and their peers playing in the forest, we have seen how the natural world can evoke such powerful questions and stimulate very elaborate and imaginative games.  We know that many children are spending a great deal of time inside, or inactive, and we hope to offer a different approach to learning.  Research shows that participation in Forest School can lead to improvement in:

  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Physical fitness and stamina
  • Concentration
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confidence
  • Independence
  • Ability to work with others
  • Language development
  • Understanding and respect for the natural environment


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