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Exploring nature
Finding an earth worm!

Nature Explorers Ages: 2 – 6 years

The forest tells a story. Every living thing that moves in and around a forest leaves its mark on the landscape. Deer tracks, Coyote tracks, Mice, Raccoons. Although unseen by most, their stories can be weaved together in the minds of the watchers. This observation transforms tracks in the mud into an amazing self-guided journey through the mind of the animal. What were they feeling? Were they scared? Hungry? Which direction were they headed? Why were they here at this time? Were they in a hurry or walking slowly?

Children rarely get to spend quality time in the outdoors in our modern age, and engage their imaginations in a natural setting.

There is a significant, proven loss in tactile abilities, sense of wonder, and ability to navigate varied terrain. These previously common traits are important for normal healthy development in children.

Come with your child to this nature-based program that explores the outdoors. This class is held outdoors and is filled with story telling, tracking local wildlife, and discovering the coolest things in nature. We sing, tell stories, learn naturalist skills and so much more. Let’s get our children back out into nature and reconnected. This program is led by a certified Hike Leader with background in Outdoor Recreation. This program is run through various municipalities and listed in Recreation and Leisure guides throughout Ontario.


Exploring Nature
Exploring nature to see what we can find!
Finding a Wood Frog!!
Finding a Wood Frog!!

Learning Fire SkillsLearning outdoor skills

This program is offered through various municipalities including the:


Contact your local recreation department to request registration in this program!


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