Policies and Waivers


Barefoot Bushcraft Waiver Of Liability – This must be signed by all participants. It may be signed before attendance and is always available online for review.

Click Here To Review Our Waiver


We are not a walk-in Facility. All bookings must be done through our website to provide the optimum customer experience and ensure we have enough staff to be attentive to your needs.


Due to the expense of running our facility and paying for staff members, we are unable to offer refunds. We do, however offer a non-expiring gift card in the amount of your purchase which is transferrable. Gift cards may be used for any of our services except summer camp.


Over Payments:
In the event there has been a verified overpayment, e-transfer refunds under $50.00 will carry a $2.00 bank fee as charged by our financial institution.


Dress Code:
We have no dress code. Customers may wear what they wish. Sandals, Flip-flops, Bare Feet are acceptable


Right Of Refusal:
With the exception of discriminatory factors such as disability, race, religion, sex, We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone within the confines of Ontario Law. This includes customers engaging in violent or threatening behaviour, intoxication, theft, and other illegal activities, unsafe behaviour which may result in injury of themselves or others.
We will tell anyone to leave if they demonstrate repeated safety infractions.
We may also need to tell a customer to leave if they are making other customers feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way.
There will be no compensations or refunds if told to leave.

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