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Private Dog Sport Training


Do you have a northern breed dog such as Husky, Malamute, Samoyed, etc? If you d, and you’re looking for some great cold weather activities with your dog, look no further!


Instructor Wolf has been a dog musher for over a decade and can help you take up an inexpensive, fun, and challenging activity with your dog.

You only need one dog! You do not need a sled team.

It is not cruel, or inhumane if done correctly. There is a saying in the dog mushing industry “you can’t push a rope” If your dog does not want to pull you, there is nothing you can do to make your dog pull.

Text or call instructor Wolf today for more information: 905-736-9653

Please note: You will need the following items in order to participate in the sport:

  • Cross Country Skis, poles, and boots (often available at your local thrift store)
  • Rock climbing harness or mountain bike
  • Appropriate, proper fitting dog pulling harness. Not normally available at pet stores but available on Amazon, and other online retailers
  • Helmet

We offer these course in the Dunnville, Ontario area.


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