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Barefoot Bushcraft offers a unique series of courses dedicated to Homeschool students and educators. Our programs cover topics including team building, critical thinking, and environmental awareness.

The Homeschool Kids Adventure Program provides a day of fun in the outdoors where participants will practice useful skills, learn about the environment, and have an opportunity to meet with other youth – all in a safe and comfortable setting.

COVID-19 – Masks are at parental discretion, social distancing encouraged. (all photos are pre-COVID-19)


Suitable for ages 6 to 15yrs

Group Presentation


Designed for children 6-15 years old, this 3 hour program was exclusively created to expose and familiarize homeschooled youth to outdoor pursuits and the wonders of nature.

Topics covered may include:

● Archery (every week)
● Knife / Card throwing (every week)
Dog Petting(every week)
● Slingshot
● Natural fire starting tinder
● Using Knifes safely
● Using axes safely
● Fire starting with ferro rods
● Fire starting with flint rock and steel
● Nature crafts
● Staying found if lost in the woods
● Map Reading
● Compass Navigation
● Natural Navigation
● Above Programs Subject To Availability




Axe Throwing


Parents encouraged to stay & participate
Cost: $30.00 per student (Includes Parental participation)
Location: 1874 Highway 20 East, Fonthill Ontario
Maximum Number: 10 Students
Dates: Students can book any timeslot they wish
Time: 3 hours
Equipment: All necessary equipment is provided!
Refunds: Once paid, we can reschedule you to another week with 24 hours notice.
● Program and pricing subject to availability


All necessary equipment is provided!

Young girl doing archery barefoot

NOTICE: The skills day takes place rain or shine. If there is lightening and thunder, we will run a modified program, but still go through most of the skills listed above. Bring rain gear!


Due to large numbers of registrations, this program is built to be cumulative. It is designed that each time your child comes out, they will learn more and more. Sign-ups are single week, but every time they come out, we will build on their previous knowledge and skill.

Each program day has 3 hours, or rotations.

Hour 3 will be different each visit, building on previous skills.

Groups will be split into 3, and students will rotate through each hour during their 3 hour visit.

Hour 1  – archery

Hour 2 – knife, and card throwing

Hour 3 –  will be outdoor skills such as safe knife & axe handling, as well as fire starting, shelter building, and survival skill building. Each cumulative visit this will be changed to a new subject. This hour will build off each other over the summer.

Every week will include all 3 hours. archery (Hour 1), knife, card throwing (Hour 2)  & dog petting with Hour 3 changing with each visit, building on previous skills.

*As with all our programming – Shoes are optional*
If you have a challenge with our booking system, or do not have a credit card, please message us, call us (1-866-248-1362), or email us and we can secure your spot.



*Program and pricing subject to availability*


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