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School Groups / Programs

Barefoot Bushcraft offers a school adventure program which gives your students an afternoon of adventure and exploration as well as teaches important wilderness skills

– Archery

– Slingshot

– Axe Throwing (must be over 12)

– Atlatl Spear Throwing

– Fire Starting without matches (ferrocerium rods and Bow Drill)

– Understanding Survival Mindset

– Staying found when lost

– All materials included (bows, arrows, targets, buttress, instructor, ferrocerium rods, cotton balls, etc.)


Most school programs run 4 hours in length with a 1hr rotation through each station. Stations generally include: archery, axe throwing / slingshot, fire making, and survival games / rest station.

Cost: $25.00/pp

Time: 2 – 4 hours

Group Size: Minimum 10, Maximum 40*subject to availability*

Available: 7 Days A Week


To book your School group, please call 1-866-248-1362 x100 

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