Scout / Cadet Programs

Cadet / Scout Programs

Cadet / Scout Archery

Wolfmaan Outdoors recognizes the proud Military and Scouting heritage in Canada. As such we believe that modern age scouts and cadets should have the opportunity to participate in nature connection and adventure programs.

We have a basic and advanced course offerings, priced to be within reach of most cadet corps and scouting groups.


Dog Petting

Dog Petting

Most people love dogs. We have visiting dogs on the property who enjoy petting, and belly rubs. (subject to availability)


– Archery

– Slingshot

– Dog Petting

– Fire Starting without matches (ferrocerium rods)

– Understanding Survival Mindset

– Staying found when lost

РAll materials included (bows, arrows, targets, buttress, instructor, ferrocerium rods, cotton balls, etc.)

Cost: $30.00/pp

Time: 2 – 3 hours

Group Size: Minimum 10, Maximum 40

*subject to availability*

Survival Class

We take Debit, Credit, Cash, Cheque

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