Slingshots are a form of catapult which help in shooting stones or small balls by wielding pressure on a rubber band banded to it. Slingshots are very popular all over the world and serve many purposes. The best experience using slingshots is the fact they cause great excitation and felicity on the users. Learning to use a slingshot helps build stamina, hand-eye coordination, intuitive sensibility, and patience.
Wolfmaan Outdoors offers private and semi-private slingshot lessons to the general public.


► About Slingshots

  • Types of slingshots (traditional, modern, hunting)
  • We teach TRADITIONAL Slingshot!

► Safety Issues

  • Range Safety, Individual Safety and Equipment Safety

► Ten Basic Steps to Shooting

  • Foot Placement and Stance
  • Placement of pellet
  • Hand, arm Position
  • Shoulder position
  • Correct muscles used to draw(pull) the band
  • Anchor Point or Facial Reference
  • Full Draw position and aiming
  • Releasing
  • Follow Through
  • Relaxing after the shot

Lessons are for anyone aged 6 to Adult

Slingshot Instruction for groups is $20.00 per person

Private, one-on-one Lessons are $30.00 per person for 1hr

Fee Includes:

Facility rental
Mandatory safety lesson
Use of slingshots
Use Safety Glasses
Marbles, backstop
Expert instruction on using slingshot

A Waiver is required to participate in this event.

Wolfmaan Outdoors observes the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines. [Click here to review the OPHEA Guidelines]

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