Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs

Barefoot Bushcraft offers a variety of specialty programs to help suit the needs of your organisation. These programs are offered as on-demand, by request to suit specific your organizations needs. Most specialty programs are able to be offered at your facility or at our facility in southern Ontario

To book your specialty programs please call:

Axe / Knife Training

Safe Knife Use

Normally booked by cadet and scouting groups, this program is designed to engage youth in knife and axe safety. Knives and axes are the most valuable tools anyone in the outdoors can have. If used properly, they are amazing tools of survival. If used improperly they can lead to lifelong scars, and potentially death in the outdoors. Our knife and axe training course covers the following topics:

  • Anatomy of knives
  • Types of knives
  • Carrying knives
  • Passing knives
  • The “Blood Bubble”
  • Opening & closing folding blades
  • Holding a knife
  • Carving with a knife
  • Arm / Hand placement
  • Splitting wood with knives
  • Anatomy of axes
  • Holding and axe
  • Carving with axe
  • Swinging an axe
  • Safe body positioning while using axes

Safe Axe Use

As with most Barefoot Bushcraft specialty programs, we are able to offer this at our facility or travel to your facility.

All equipment provided including knives, axes, wood, and other materials.

Cost: $40.00 per person for two hours programming
Students: Minimum of 10 participants, maximum of 20
Duration: 2 hours depending on group size
Equipment: All equipment provided
**Pricing & Availability Subject To Change Without Notice**

Professional Development Training (PD)

Professional Development “teach-the-teacher” courses are often booked by school boards, summer camps, and expedition leaders to learn essential skills, and be able to safely teach these skills to students of all ages. Our program includes teaching educators and camp staff how to use outdoor equipment, and then to reproduce the teachable skills.

Camp Staff Training

Camp Staff Training

These skills usually include:

  • Safe knife handling and use
  • Splitting wood with a knife (batoning)
  • Safe axe handling and use
  • Splitting wood with axes
  • Team games
  • Instructing knife and axe use
  • Instructing team games & cheats
  • Archery Training
  • Axe throwing training
  • Friction Fire training (bow drill)
  • Primitive fire making (ferro rod)

Cost: Varies depending on skills normally $50.00 to $150.00 per person
Time: 8 hours
Location: Variable including at our facility
Students: minimum of 6 maximum of 15
Equipment: All equipment provided
**Pricing & Availability Subject To Change Without Notice**

To book specialty your program please call:
Ring us at 1-866-248-1362

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