2hr Basic Bushcraft Workshop

Creating fire with a ferro rod

2 hour Basic Bushcraft Workshop

Re-Wild Yourself!

**Our Most Popular Course**

Come and learn the ancient art of creating fire!

“Making fire is a form of prayer. With your hands together you bow over and over hoping that fire will come and visit you. With the smoke rising, you send prayers and thanks to the sky. This is how the oldest Gods were worshipped. Gods of bone, and wood, and rock, and blood.”  ~Luke McLaughlin (Holistic Survival School)

Long before humans had access to matches, lighters, and gasoline, fires were created a variety of ways. Using wood friction by way of the bow drill, and rare earth metals like cerium, fire was created.

This two hour, hands-on workshop includes the basics of:
  • Rule of 3’s for survival (air, water, food)
  • Theory of Knives & Types of knives
  • Knife safety, use, and theory
  • Splitting wood with a knife (batoning)
  • Creating shavings
  • Ferro rod use
  • Understanding natural tinder

Cost: $70.00/pp Including HST

Includes: all materials necessary

Time: 2hrs (approx)

Location: 1874 Highway 20, Fonthill, Ontario

To book: use our automated booking system

Temperature:  We only operate when the temperature is +35C to -10C If the temperature is outside this range, we may need to reschedule.

Please Note: This course deals with knives, axes, and abstract learning concepts. This course is not suitable for children under 12 years old. It does not include Bow Drill instruction or shelter building.

*subject to availability*

*prices subject to change without notice*

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