Black Powder Musket Program

You do NOT require a Firearms licence (PAL/RPAL) to participate!


Black Powder Musket Program

“He was looking for a Hawken gun, fifty calibre or better. He settled for a for a thirty, but damn it was a genuine Hawken, and you couldn’t go no better” ~Jeremiah Johnson

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to re-wild yourself to the point of becoming a mountain man?

Learning to shoot a black powder musket is a must. Discovered in 1805 by Alexander Forsyth, the percussion lock revolutionized firearms theory and opened the way to the development of self-contained metal cartridges and contact fuses in artillery shells. Forsyth found that potassium chlorate would explode when given a sharp blow. This gave way to the development of the percussion cap musket. These muskets were used for over a century until they were replaced by the modern cartridge or bullet as they are often called.

During each class you will get to load, aim, and discharge various black powder muskets.

Shooting black powder muskets is a completely different experience than shooting modern firearms. There are many safeguards that must be put in place. Each shot is loaded completely by hand.

This is a specialty course which will be held at the Dunnville Hunters and Anglers club and be strictly limited to 2 people per 2 hour session. You will get to operate and discharge black powder firearms. Each session will include:

  • Safe handling and care of black powder firearms
  • Understanding percussion caps
  • Understanding Black Powder vs modern smokeless powder
  • Learning to safely measure black powder
  • Safely loading the patch and ball
  • Aiming a black powder firearm
  • Safe discharge and control of a black powder firearm
  • & MORE

Preparing to pack a wad and ball in a muzzleloader

  • You do NOT require a Firearms licence (PAL/RPAL) to participate!
    Cost: $100.00 per person ($20.00 range fee is included in the cost)

    Minimum Age: 16+

    Maximum Students: 2

    Includes: Everything You require (Ear plugs, Instructor, target, caps, patches, balls, powder, etc)

    Location: Dunnville Hunters and Anglers Club

    To Book: This is a very specialised experience. Please contact us on facebook, instagram, or by phone to book. Maximum two students per 2hr session.