Moccasin Making Workshop

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Moccasin Making Workshop

Learn the ancient art of Moccasin making from local First Nations teachers!

In this two day workshop you will learn the history and importance of moccasin making, as well create your very own soft soled moccasin shoes in true First Nations style.

Over the two days September 25th and 26th, 2021 you will learn to understand how to make a custom pattern, sew leather, and create a form of footwear that will connect you to your ancestral self.

Almost every single northern people wore moccasins. From First Nations of North America, Celts, Vikings, and Slavs. They were one of the biggest human evolutions in footwear.

Making your own footwear is a very intimate experience and you will be connected to them for many years.

  • You will learn how to cut, stamp, punch, and sew leather during this workshop

    All equipment, needles, leather, and everything you need is provided.

    You will be outside the entire time. A fire will be lit during the entire workshop

    Space is strictly limited.

    Dates: noon to 3pm Saturday September 25th

    Noon to 3pm Sunday September 26th

    Where: 1847 Highway 20 East

    Cost: $150.00/pp + HST

    What: Everything is provided

    Ages: 14+

    Experience: None needed