Scout Knife / Axe / Saw Permit

Scout Knife / Axe / Saw Permit

Being part of Scouts & Girl Guides is a time honoured tradition in North American culture for over a century. As we are well on our way into the 21st century, new challenges face us every day.

Barefoot Bushcraft is honoured to be a part of the Scouting movement, and help offer standardized training to all Scout / Guide Groups in the Niagara Region and beyond. To ensure that each Scout / Guide group has identical training to receive the coveted knife, axe, and fire permit we have designed a workshop based on the Scouts Canada guidebook. The guidebook has been compiled using Mors Kochanski’s book “Bushcraft” ISBN 13:978-1-55106-122-2.

During the 2020 Covid crisis most Scout / Guide groups can only meet in an outdoor environment. We are an outdoor-only facility, perfect for current restrictions on scout meetings.

Knife Permits

During our Knife hands-on permit workshop, we discuss the different types of knives including folding and fixed blades. We also show examples of various make-ups of knives including full tang, rat tang, partial tang, etc. As well as metal types such as Stainless & Carbon steel blade types. We also discuss various facts and opinions of each type of knife in their relation to camp craft tasks. 

We provide knives, wood, and everything your group will need to see success.

Our instructors supervise and encourage Scouts / Guides to demonstrate safe knife use including holding knives, passing knives, learning how use knives safely and to avoid being cut, sliced, and otherwise injured by careless knife use. Groups are also taught to demonstrate the utmost in knife safety including concepts such as “the blood bubble” and the “triangle of death”.

As part of a combination knife & axe course, Scouts / Guides learn to whittle sticks, make shavings, and perform general knife tasks. They will also learn knife maintenance.

Axe Permits

As part of the hands-on Knive / Axe and Fire workshop, Guides & Scout groups are taught the basics of axe safety including the safest way to split wood – kneeling down. This technique allows the use of any (or no) footwear, and keeps the body safe and clear of any potential strikes of the axe. Groups are also taught to how to read the wood for maximum splitting effectiveness. 

We provide axes, wood, and all the equipment required.

Also covered are safest axe handle lengths, safe storage and transport of axes, inspecting and clearance distances around the cutting site.

Scouts / Guides are also encouraged to demonstrate safe axe use by splitting several quarters of wood into small pieces. They are also taught how to use the axe to create shavings and accomplish tasks that most knives are able to do.

Few people would argue that camp fires are some of the most satisfying parts of the outdoor experience. Humans have been drawn to fire for tens of thousands of years. From cooking food, to keeping wildlife and bugs away, humans are drawn to fire.

Along with safe knife and axe use, learning to create fire is the backbone of the outdoor survival experience for any Scout or Guide.

At Barefoot Bushcraft we help each Scout and Guide learn to create a fire by combining the axe, and knife workshop with the fire making workshop. By this point in the workshop Guides & Scouts have learned to safely handle axes and knives. They have taken a quarter of wood, split it with an axe, batoned it with a knife, and made a pile of shavings. This leads directly into creating a fire.

As with most things survival, fire needs 3 components to survive. There must be 3 types of wood such as shavings, small and medium wood. We also discuss and have Guides & Scouts demonstrate three methods of starting fires using a ferro rod, matches, and a lighter.

Using an efficient tool called a “Ferro Rod”, scouts learn the basics of fire and how to use natural tinder to create a fire which will last a minimum of 3 minutes. This follows the “rule of 3” as it applies to outdoor survival. At 3 minutes the fire is considered a grown-up fire and will most likely last for the rest of the evening if cared for correctly.

Dog Petting

Most people love dogs. We have visiting dogs on the property who enjoy petting, and belly rubs. (subject to availability)

At Barefoot Bushcraft safety is paramount and we carry our own insurance, and work with Scout / Guide Groups to ensure that your insurance covers all activities on our facilities. Normally groups come to our facility, however we can come to you with all our equipment and do the workshop in any woodland environment where it is safe to have a campfire.

Location: Fonthill Ontario / we can also come to you

Cost: $60.00/pp at our facility with a minimum of 6 Guides or Scouts for THREE HOURS programming.

$120.00/pp to come to you with a minimum of 8 Guides or Scouts ($30.00/pp per hour)

Availability: We are available 7 days a week for for this workshop

To Book: Please contact us via e-mailphone, or facebook to arrange a booking

Deposit: A $100.00 deposit is required to book your workshop with us.

Leaders: No charge for leaders to participate.