Bushcraft / Survival Experiences

Our Exciting Offerings

Experience the thrill of outdoor education and wilderness survival with our range of immersive courses and activities.

Please Note: Due to a high amount of theory and lecture, these courses are not suitable for children under 14 years old.


Our Exciting Offerings

Experience the thrill of outdoor education and wilderness survival with our range of immersive courses and activities.

Master essential outdoor skills in the wild through our expert-led two hour bushcraft courses. Learn knife safety, fire making, natural navigation, and more.

Full Day survival challenge where you will learn knife safety, fire making including batoning wood, making shavings, natural navigation, tarp shelters, knots, and more!

Enroll in our adventurous summer camps for kids and adults. Engage in fun-filled outdoor activities, learn wilderness skills, and make lasting memories.

If you just can’t get enough outdoor skills, this course is for you! Bi-Weekly classes covering everything from fire, shelter, food, firearms education, and more!

Learn fire safety, gathering natural tinder, understanding fire mechanics, knife safety, batoning, and more! Learn to use ferro rods, Flint and Steel, and get a bow drill demonstration!

Member Review

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Scott E Steffler Barefoot Bushcraft

We had a group of us go and we had a great time. We tried our hand at knife and axe throwing. Wolf was very patient and gave us some good tips. We then moved over to archery. They have a number of safety protocols in place for your safety...

Max L Barefoot Bushcraft

My girlfriend took me here as a surprise birthday gift! At first glance, the place looked quite unassuming. But as soon as you step through the gates and up to the archery mount, you feel like a kid again and everything transforms in front

Artsy Izzy Barefoot Bushcraft

Barefoot Bushcraft is an amazing experience. The instructors are great. They provide excellent guidance on proper use and handling of the equipment. Staff are pleasant, helpful, fun to be around and encouraging. My grandson and...

Emily Gibson Barefoot Bushcraft

We had a GREAT time at Barefoot Bushcraft. We brought a team of 11 and everyone got lots of time with each of the activities. Wolf and his colleagues took great care of us and everyone really enjoyed themselves - and we have the

ROB Rapiti Barefoot Bushcraft

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box camp unlike any other and your kids like the outdoors, this is the perfect camp for them. The instructors were incredibly friendly and highly knowledgeable. My son walk away each day content and happy.

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Explore our unique approach to wilderness education and outdoor activities that set us apart from the rest.

Our experienced instructors ensure a safe and enjoyable learning environment, guiding you towards wilderness mastery.


Engage in hands-on activities and workshops that deepen your connection with nature and teach you life-saving skills.