Guide / Scout / Cadet Experience

Guide / Scout / Cadet Experience

Barefoot Bushcraft offers the ultimate in Guide / Cadet / Scout experiences at our outdoor facility located on Highway 20 in Fonthill, Ontario. We provide all the equipment necessary for a fun and adventurous afternoon! We can book your experience any day of the week during daylight hours. We are open all year round.


We have a 10m archery range and include all bows, arrows, targets, instructors and instruction

Axe / Knife / Card Throwing

Included in the package is the experience to throw axes, knives, and cards. A rewarding and exciting experience!

Slingshot (optional)

For Guides, Scouts, or Cadets who may be unable to throw axes, we can add a slingshot station! An unusually challenging activity! We provide all equipment necessary including slingshots, instructor, targets, and glass beads for shooting

Knife Use(Optional)

We can build into your program safe knife use, and help your Guides / Cadets or Scouts make shavings and split wood as part of the fire making process. We provide all equipment necessary including knives, wood, instructor, and instruction.

Fire Starting without matches

Everyone loves fire. Part of our human make-up is to be attracted to fire. We will show your Guides / Scouts or Cadets how to use simple fire starting tools like Ferro rods and cotton balls to ignite and maintain stable fires in various weather conditions. We provide all equipment necessary including ferro rods, cotton balls, wood chips, etc.

Dog Petting

Most people love dogs. We have visiting dogs on the property who enjoy petting, and belly rubs. (subject to availability)

Our 2 to 3 hour Cadet / Scout / Guide program includes:


  • Axe Throwing
  • Card Throwing
  • Dog Petting
  • Knife Throwing
  • Fire Starting
  • Slingshot (optional)
  • Safe knife use and handling (optional)

Cost: $30.00 per person for two hours programming

Minimum: 10 person minimum

Leaders: Leaders participate for no charge

Minimum Age: 6 years old for most activities

To Book: Please Email, Facebook, or call 1-866-248-1362

**Pricing & Availability Subject To Change Without Notice**