Camp Staff Workshop


Camp Staff Workshop

Each year, summer camps around North America hire staff members to operate camps. Many camps hire staff members based on their knowledge and expertise in dealing with campers. This includes future teachers, life guards, psychologists, and personal support workers.

Most of these staff members have little knowledge in bushcraft or outdoor skills. A very important part of camp life!

Each year the Ontario Camps Association reports hundreds of injuries from staff members using tools improperly. This includes injuries from axes, knives, and even improperly built camps. There have even been reports of forest fires from improper protocols of camp fires.

Barefoot Bushcraft offers 1, 2, and 3 day workshops to train your camp staff in the proper use of tools.

Our courses include the following (an can be customised to your specific camp):

Ecosystem Education

This component teaches how to better understand the environment, as well as how to properly identify and utilize various native and invasive plants of Ontario, including Wild Edibles.

Nature Connection

Increases awareness to the many benefits of the natural world, with an emphasis on building a transformative relationship with nature.

Fire-starting Techniques

Multiple fire-starting methods are taught using various materials (natural & artificial), including proper safety practices and protocols. This includes proper us of axes and knives

Basic Land Navigation

Fundamentals on effective use of map & compass, including orienteering and Geocaching; additional time will be spent learning how to identify one’s location utilizing the environment.

Staying Safe

Techniques to stay safe, including wildlife education and the psychology of survival; also includes methods how to get found if lost in the wilderness.

Building an Emergency Shelter

Participants will learn how to build an effective weather-proof shelter, useful for wilderness survival and emergency situations.